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Why Choose RORO Shipping for Your Machinery Shipment?

streamlined shipping

When it comes to getting your heavy machinery from point A to B across Australia, you deserve a shipping solution that’s as reliable as it is straightforward. That’s why we offer efficient and secure RORO (Roll-on/Roll-off) services as a preferred method for transporting a wide range of machinery across Australia.

Compared to traditional containerised shipping, RORO offers several key benefits for machinery transport:

  1. Faster Loading & Unloading
    Drive-on, drive-off functionality facilitates quicker loading and unloading times, minimising delays and keeping your project on schedule.
  2. Cost-Effective for Oversized Equipment
    For oversized machinery that wouldn’t fit in a standard container, RORO offers a more cost-effective solution compared to specialised container modifications.
  3. Reduced Risk of Damage
    RORO vessels are designed for efficient cargo movement. Machinery is securely fastened using lashing points, tie-downs, and experienced crews ensure safe maneuvering, minimising the risk of damage during transit.

Know Your Limits: Weight & Size Restrictions

While weight and size limitations can vary depending on the specific route and vessel, most RORO vessels we encounter offer the following capabilities:

  • Door Height: A standard door height of 5 meters allows for the loading of most machinery.
  • Ramp Capacity: The RORO ramps are designed to handle machinery up to 100 tonnes, making them suitable for a wide range of heavy equipment.

Additional Considerations

Beyond the standard size limitations, it’s important to consider other factors that might impact your RORO shipment:

  • Axle Load Limits: The weight distribution of your machinery across its axles needs to comply with the vessel’s specific axle load limits.
  • Roof Clearance: The overall height of your machinery, including any attachments, must be within the vessel’s roof clearance restrictions.
  • Weight per Square Meter: The weight of your machinery needs to be distributed evenly across the loading deck to comply with weight per square meter limitations.

Perfect for Self-Propelled Machinery

RORO services are particularly well-suited for most models and types of self-propelled  machinery due to their drive-on/drive-off functionality. 

Accompanying accessories or parts that aren’t self-propelled can be loaded and unloaded using specialised MAFI trailers. This way all your machinery arrives at its destination together.

Exceeding Limitations? We Can Help!

If your machinery exceeds the standard limitations outlined above, don’t hesitate to  contact experienced customs brokers like us. Our team can explore alternative shipping options or assist with obtaining special permits if necessary to ensure your oversized machinery reaches its destination safely and efficiently. Read our comprehensive guides on machinery shipping for more information. 

Seamless Shipping, Successful Deliveries: Our Case Studies

We’ve successfully handled a wide range of RORO machinery shipments for satisfied clients across Australia. Here are a few examples:

1. Streamlined Shipping Saves Customer Money on 2019 Komatsu WA600-8LC Loader

streamlined shippingImagine buying a beast like the 2019 Komatsu WA600-8LC Loader and then stressing about the hefty shipping costs from Fremantle to Jebel Ali. That’s where we stepped in for one of our clients. 

By thinking outside the box (or in this case, removing the loader’s bucket), we not only saved precious space on the RoRo vessel but also saved our client a bundle in shipping costs. 

roro pre shipment inspection

Thanks to our efficient and space-saving solution, the client received their valuable Komatsu loader on time, without stretching the budget.

2. Reliable RORO Transport for CAT 773E Water Cart

reliable roro transportWhen it comes to transporting something as hefty as a CAT 773E Water Cart, you want it done right. That’s exactly what we did for another client, making sure their water cart made its way from Fremantle to Jebel Ali without a problem.

We provided a comprehensive service package, including: 

  • a thorough on-site measurement and quotation process, 
  • safe and efficient pickup of the machinery, 
  • meticulous preparation to ensure secure transport, 
  • professional washing to meet export regulations, 
  • on-site supervision during loading for added peace of mind, and 
  • timely delivery of the Water Cart to the designated port. 

Through our reliable RORO transport solution, we ensured the safe and timely arrival of our client’s CAT 773E Water Cart at its final destination.

How much does RORO shipping cost?

The cost of your RORO machinery shipment depends on various factors, including:

  1. Weight and Dimensions
    As expected, heavier and larger machinery will generally incur higher shipping costs.
  2. Distance
    The distance between origin and destination ports significantly impacts the overall cost.
  3. Special Handling Requirements
    Does your machinery require any specialised handling during loading, unloading, or transit? These factors can affect the final cost.

Get a Free Quote Today!

Custom Brokers understands the complexities of shipping large and valuable machinery. If you’re ready to experience the efficiency and security of RORO shipping for your machinery, contact Custom Brokers today at 13SHIP! Or request a free quote tailored to your specific needs and our experienced team will send the quote within 24 hours!

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