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Machinery Transport Solutions for Heavy Industry

interstate transport using domestic roro

The transportation of large-scale machinery is a vital service in the bustling world of heavy industry. Whether you’re dealing with a new functioning crane or a used damaged piece of equipment, machinery transport can seem like a complex maze of regulations, logistics, and unfamiliar territory. 

But it’s still doable, it’s just that the process requires extensive expertise, precise planning, and a commitment to safety. Let’s explore the key considerations for a successful machinery shipment.

A Quick Checklist for Preparing Your Machinery for Transport

A successful transport starts long before the journey begins. It’s about meticulous preparation and attention to every detail. Machinery moving isn’t just about the transfer—it’s about guaranteeing the arrival in perfect condition, ready for operation. Read our detailed resources on machinery shipping for more in-depth explanations.

First Steps: What Machine Do You Need to Export?

The Machine Itself

Whether it’s a brand new excavator or a well-used industrial press, understanding the size, weight, and condition of your machinery is crucial. Damaged equipment might require additional care during transport.

Destination Country

For international machinery transport, researching regulations and import requirements for your target country is vital. Quarantine treatments, specific documentation, or even size restrictions might apply.

Budget and Timeline

Factor in not just the transport cost but also potential pre-shipment services like cleaning, dismantling, or repairs. Understanding realistic timelines for the entire process helps set expectations.

Beyond Just Transport: Services to Consider

Many companies offer international machinery transport, but some go the extra mile.  Look for providers that can assist with a wider range of services:

machine dismantling

Pre-Shipment Services

Does your machinery need cleaning, dismantling, or repairs before it can be shipped? Having these services readily available can streamline the process.

Documentation and Clearance

Don’t get bogged down in paperwork. Look for providers who can handle surveys, customs clearance, and other necessary documentation.

Multi-Modal Shipping

interstate transport using domestic roro
Depending on your equipment and destination, a combination of shipping methods might be most efficient. For example,
RoRo vessels (Roll-on/Roll-off) are ideal for wheeled machinery like excavators or tractors. On the other hand, smaller parts or delicate equipment might be better suited for sea containers.

Ensuring Safe Delivery

Beyond the physical preparation, insurance plays a critical role in machinery moving. Heavy transport equipment carries inherent risks, and comprehensive insurance coverage provides peace of mind, safeguarding the value of your investment from port to port.

Specialised Heavy Machinery Transport: A Case Study in Overcoming Crane Export Challenges

From construction to agriculture, industries demand reliable and safe transportation for their heavy machinery. And when it comes to moving giants, experience matters. Let’s see how these considerations translate into real-world scenarios. 

crane export

Imagine you need to export a damaged Liebherr crane from Brisbane to Singapore.  Here are the potential challenges:

  1. Damaged Equipment: Extra care and secure transport are essential.
  2. Specialised Transport: The crane’s size might require a specialised trailer.
  3. Multi-Part Shipment: Separate parts like the crane dolly might require containerised shipping.
  4. Scheduling Challenges: Securing space on a vessel heading to your destination can be tricky, especially with time constraints.

crane export challenges

How seasoned professionals like those at Custom Brokers make it happen

  1. Tailored Transport Plan
    We develop a plan specific to the damaged crane, recommending a specialised trailer and additional securement measures like custom-fitted hardwood timbers and specially sourced chains for safe lashing. This meticulous planning is what sets true heavy machinery transport experts apart.
  2. Multi-Modal Shipping Expertise
    We arrange for both the main crane and separate parts (like the crane dolly and counterweights) to be shipped using the most appropriate methods, such as specialised trailers and containers.
  3. Persistent Scheduling
    We work tirelessly to secure space on a vessel heading to your desired destination, even when faced with challenges like long waiting times. This persistence demonstrates their dedication to client-focused service.professional machinery transporters

    Custom Brokers’ Client-Centric Solution

    In this specific case, our tailored approach included arranging specialised wide 62′ MAFI transport, securing the crane with custom-fitted hardwood timbers, and using specially sourced chains for safe lashing. This level of detailed planning ensures the safe arrival of your critical equipment.

    Custom Brokers consistently caters to these needs, demonstrating the resilience and client-focused service that industries depend on. We understand that even critical components like crane dollies and counterweights require efficient shipping. Our team’s dedication has been pivotal in securing space for essential equipment, even amidst scheduling challenges.

    Choosing the Right Partners like Custom Brokers

    A reliable machinery transport provider can be your key to a smooth and successful export experience. Look for a company that offers not just transport, but also additional services, a problem-solving approach, and the ability to handle complexities like damaged equipment or multi-part shipments.

    Your Global RoRo Specialist for Interstate and International Machinery Transport

    Established in 2011 and part of the global shipping firm NMT Shipping, Custom Brokers is your ally in navigating the complex world of heavy machinery transport. 

    With branches across Australia, our reach extends from local to international. Whether it’s full container load (FCL) shipments, less than container load (LCL), or airfreight, our solutions are as varied as the equipment we move.

    At Custom Brokers, we don’t just move machinery; we ensure it’s ready for the journey with services like mobile machinery washing, dismantling, repairs, and quarantine treatments. From surveying to local customs clearance, we cover every aspect of the transport process. 

    Experience the expertise of Australia’s Global RoRo Specialist with Custom Brokers. Get in touch to find out how we can empower your international and interstate transport needs.

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