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Reduced Customs Duty by importing Indian goods with ECTA

Customs Brokerage Australia India ECTA


The ECTA offers a range of benefits for businesses engaged in freight forwarding and importing and exporting between Australia and India. ECTA has enabled Australian businesses to benefit through reduced or Nil tariff duty rates on a wide range of Australian and Indian goods being Imported and Exported.

The Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA) is a significant development for businesses engaged in international freight forwarding and importing and exporting between the two countries. Negotiations for the agreement began in May 2011, and were resumed in September 2021 with a confirmed entry into force and reduced tariff benefits beginning 29th December 2022. Then a second stage of reduce tariff rates effective 1st January 2023.

Since the commencement on 29th December 2022

  • Australian imports from India, 96 (%) per cent will be permitted to enter Australia duty free, rising to 100 (%) per cent in 4 years
  • Australian goods exported to India, 85 (%) per cent by value to India will be tariff free, rising to 90 per cent in 6 years. In addition, high tariffs will be substantially reduced on some agricultural products.

ECTA Compliance Requirements

The eligibility for ECTA has been set for goods that originate in Australia or India. There are a set of specific rules to determine eligibility, this also prevent parties from other countries gaining the benefit of ECTA by simply transhipping their goods through Australia or India.

To obtain Nil duty or the lower tariff duty rate for importation into Australia, under ECTA the cargo must be accompanied by appropriate documentation, including a certificate of origin signed by an authorised issuing body. There are currently 17 seventeen issuing bodies within India and 3 three within Australia that can complete and issue this certificate of origin.

A copy of a certificate of origin can be found here which also has an information on the date required for issuing a certified COO – Found in the Australia-India ECTA Annex 4A of the Australia-India ECTA Chapter 4 Rules of Origin.

Australian Border Force (Customs) have also released guidelines on the ECTA requirements when applying the free trade on imported goods which can be found here.

For Australian Trusted Traders, this requirement is waived in accordance with Australian Customs Notice No. 2022/55 Expansion of the Origin Waiver benefit for Australian Trusted Traders to the Australia-India Economic Cooperation and Trade Agreement (ECTA). Providing they meet the requirements of evidence. Further information on the Australian Customs Notice No. 2022/55 can be found in this link.

It’s important to note that not all imported products from India will be eligible for duty-free status under ECTA. Some goods may only be eligible for reduced tariff rates.

How ECTA Can Benefit Your Business with the Help of Custom Brokers

Are you looking to take full advantage of the ECTA and its reduced or nil tariff duty rates on a wide range of goods? As a freight forwarder with a worldwide reputation for quality, Custom Brokers can help ensure your compliance with ECTA’s rules of origin and maximise the benefits for your business. We can help you understand the requirements for obtaining nil duty or lower tariff rates, assist with obtaining the appropriate documentation, and advise on any other relevant customs regulations. Our team of experts can also help you determine if your products qualify for reduced or duty-free status under the ECTA. Feel free to contact our customs brokers and freight forwarding agents for a consultation on how ECTA can benefit your business in terms of freight forwarding and importing and exporting.

At Custom Brokers, we understand the importance of seamless freight forwarding for your business. That’s why we’ve built our reputation on being a comprehensive solution provider for all your freight forwarding and import & export needs. Our team of experienced logistics professionals specialise in customs clearance, freight forwarding and transportation coordination, ensuring that your shipments move smoothly and efficiently. From domestic to international shipments, we tailor our services to your specific requirements to provide you with the best value possible. Trust Custom Brokers to handle all your freight forwarding needs and give your business a competitive edge. Contact us today to learn more about how we can help you in streamlining your global logistics processes.

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