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Make Importing Cars from the UK Easy For You

importing car from uk to australia

Make Importing Cars from the UK Easy

Are you looking at importing cars from the UK? There are a variety of European imports from the UK are popular and why car importing from the UK may makes sense for you: 

  • Access to RHD cars for sale, not released as a new car in Australia
  • Low kilometers options
  • Reasonable shipping costs
  • Attractive overall cost

This all translates to finding a European car import that not only meets your budget, but also stands out from the normal range of cars available in the Australian market today.

Getting started with how you can be Importing Cars to Australia from UK

import a car from uk to australia

Are you looking to buy a European Cars from auction, privately or through a buyer's agent? Before you send any money overseas and attempt to be importing cars to australia from UK we recommend:

  • Ensure the exact European car is listed on the SEVS register . You must match the full brand, model, variant and year range. 
  • Understand all your costs before you buy, including compliance costs.
  • Never ship before you have a vehicle import approval
  • Review photos thoroughly 
  • Check for significant rusting of the chassis - European cars are exposed to wild winters full of snow, and roads are typically salted to reduce ice build up. This combination of salt and water can splash up underneath the car and create corrosion.

Did you know that vehicles under 3.5t gross vehicle weight and over 25 years old can be imported as a classic car? Please check with your states transport department for licensing requirements.

Where can I buy my UK Car Import

Using a car sales equivilent website are a great starting point for reviewing car stock available.

Once you found the ideal car and want to clear any doubts about its legitimacy and ownership you should perform a vehicle check with AA. If that all checks out then you may consider having the vehicle independently inspected to verify condition. Ultimately the more work you do at the origin the less surprises you should expect on delivery to Australia.

What we can do for you

Shipping inclusive offers are not very common to import cars from England. When buying from the UK, you should expect little help from the seller. We provide our clients with all the car shipping UK options to get your car to Australia. 

  • Arrange collection of vehicle from seller or auction house
  • Cleaning in compliance with Australian Quarantine guidelines
  • Arrange vehicle import approval prior to shipping
  • Export Customs Clearance
  • Provide a cost to import car from UK to Australia by Container or RoRo vessel to Fremantle, Adelaide, Melbourne, Port Kembla, Sydney, or Brisbane
  • Import Customs and Quarantine Clearance
  • Pay import taxes and Quarantine Fees for car importing from UK
  • Transport to a local partnered workshop in your state for vehicle compliance
  • Carry out vehicle compliance and notify you of any required repairs
  • Provide you with a compliance certificate, vehicle import approval and add a compliance sticker to your imported car
  • Transport the car to your door

All of these services can be arranged for your European car import. We take the stress and risk out of importing cars from the UK and deliver it to your door. Get in touch with Custom Brokers for an obligation free quote on car shipping UK to Australia.

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